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Artists in the Parks

I was selected as the 2022 Community Artist in the Parks for the Southeast Utah group, including Hovenweep National Monument, Canyonlands & Arches National Parks, and Natural Bridges National Monument. I am the second photographer ever to be selected. My work for the residency revolves around the playful & timeless exploration of iconic landscapes in Southeast Utah. Using both the cyanotype and vandyke printing processes for my images of the Southeast Utah group of parks, I also employed plein air painting with watercolors on the prints to further capture the essence of place while also creating a sense of nostalgia in the images for the viewer. 

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Cyanotypes on Found Objects, 2015

Intimacy is a deep human need manifesting not only in our relationships with others but also in the private space of our own minds. Becoming intimate with oneself involves escaping the notion of a fixed self and constructing meaning based instead on a malleability of the self. This self is highly dynamic, allowing certain truths to exist over a period of time yet also deconstructing the same truths.
My body of work seeks to explore the mystery of such interactions with the self and the intimate (personal) constructions of meaning which follow. By using mirrors as objects to hold my cyanotypes, I aim to make such interactions more fully realized in an embodied experience, one that brings up questions of conceptualizing about the self in all its complexity. For me, the mirror is inherently an intimate object. It is designed to bring one closer to the self by reflecting the truth, but is in fact fundamentally flawed: there are no true reflections—a mirrored image is always reversed, for example—just as there is no fixed self.